On this page we would like to show you our PSL (PURO SANGUE LUSITANO) horses and our PMA (PASTORE MAREMMANO ABRUZZESE) dogs that make part of our new breeding project “Lusitano-Maremmano JTMN” which we started in 2020. Our main focus on this site is on the Lusitano horses. If you wish to get more information about our Pastore Maremmano Abruzzese dogs that we´ve brought from Italy to Portugal, please feel free to visit our second homepage

Here below you find a list of our current sales horses. If you scroll further down there is a presentation of our Lusitanos that belong to the studfarm. Please contact us if you would like to get more information about a particular horse. Enjoy!


Quintos MF

Quintos MF (Elmo da Brôa x Zeta OI)

Quintos MF (18/04/2020) is a gorgeous young Lusitano stallion that combines beauty, movements and versatility. He´s still enjoying his childhood together with another colt out in the field but knows already some basic exercises  from the ground and under the saddle. Quintos won a gold medal in a breeding show as a yearling and is ready to make someone really happy by his charming nature and his top quality as a riding horse.

Price category: 15.000 – 20.000€

Principe Rio Frio

Principe Rio Frio (Ulisses x Gitana) - SOLD

Price category: 10.000€


Qia JPP (Uranio SS x Horta JPP)

Price category: 10.000 – 15.000€

Rendeiro Lm

SOLD...RENDEIRO LM is our first own bred Lusitano. He is born on a rainy Sunday morning on January 31st, 2021. His mother is our black mare Helen DT and his father is Trovador SS from the famous Sociedade das Silveiras stud. Rendeiro LM was weaned from his mother in October 2021 and is currently enjoying his childhood on the field with two other colts that we will present you here, as well. RENDEIRO LM is sold and will go to his lucky new owner in Germany soon...


Quianna JPP

SOLD...Quianna JPP (Bolador OC x Columbia JPP) came to us in November 2020. We´ve bought her directly from the breeder (J.Pereira Palha) after falling in love with her at first sight. Quianna has a funny character. If you want something from her, you must gain her trust first. Then she easily follows you. Quianna lives out in the field with our other mares. She has three superbe gaits and will be a great riding mare in the future. Quianna is FOR SALE. Please contact us for more information about her.


Helen DT

HELEN DT (Sinal x Pinta) is with us since August 2020. She came already in foal by Trovador SS and became for the first time mother in January 2021 with her colt Rendeiro LM. At the moment she is in foal again and we expect her second baby to be born in April 2022. We have chosen the stunning stallion Miagui de Cais to be the father this time - we can´t wait to see the result of these two Lusitano beauties...;)


Junco da Norinha

JUNCO DA NORINHA came to us in 2019 and was still a stallion by that time. We decided to geld him soon after his arrival, so he can live together with other horses. Junco is a lovely Lusitano and exceptionally good with children. He allows everybody to sit or even stand on his back. Soon he will be our "padrinho" (godfather) to educate our young colts. That will help us and make things easier when handling the youngsters 🙂


Pastorinha II FCC

PASTORINHA II FCC (Grito AR x Xilema RMV) comes from the Fernando Jose da Costa Casquinha stud. She has big names like Hostil, Novilheiro MV, Xaquiro and Coca in her bloodlines. She is with us since May 2020 and will stay with us as a future riding mare.


Ferreirinha da Toula

Ferreirinha da Toula (Brandymel x Aguia) Marques da Graciosa


Quimono JOV

Quimono JOV (D-Upsilon Libaux x Imperio II SS)


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